Taxodium 'Falling Waters' (Weeping Bald Cypress)

Height: 20 feet
Spread: 20 feet
Light: Sun
Soil: Average. Moist amended, well-drained soil will help tree to get established more quickly.
Description: Outstanding weeping selection of bald cypress! One of only five conifer species that sheds its needles in the fall, hence its “bald” namesake. Will surprise you with its urban toughness: tolerates air pollution, poorly-drained, compacted, dry soils. This versatility and durability has led to its successful cultivation in landscapes, parking lots, and streetscapes. This weeping bald-cypress will only grow as high as it’s staked and can be espaliered against walls or draped over walls to allow its branches to cascade. Coppery-brown fall color. Take a walk in the Oakland Cemetery to see lovely examples.

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