Diospyros kaki 'Giant Fuyu' (Giant Fuyu Semi-Dwarf Persimmon)

Height: 18-25 feet
Spread: 18-25 feet
Light: Full sun.
Soil: Amended, moist but well-drained soil.
Description: Non-astringent semi-dwarf persimmon. Deciduous tree with a spreading, open habit and medium green foliage that turns gold, red and orange in fall. The fresh or dried leaves can be made into a tea. Small, white bell-shaped, spring flowers give way in fall to extra large, red-orange fruit—twice as big as ‘Fuyu'! Red flesh is sweet, fine and slightly crunchy when ripe. Suitable for fresh eating or drying. Prune after fruiting as needed to maintain shape. Self-pollinating, but will have better fruit set with a partner such as ‘Chocolate.

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