Cupressus arizonica glabra 'Limelight' (Limelight Arizona Cypress)

Height: 25 feet
Spread: 15 feet
Light: Full sun
Soil: Amended, moist but well-drained soil.
Description: Evergreen tree with an upright, open, conical habit. Branches hold finely-textured, slightly arching lemon-yellow foliage that holds its color year round. Discovered as a chance seedling in 1986 by Peter Donnelly. Use this heat- and humidity-tolerant tree as a privacy screen or anywhere a burst of bright gold is needed. Pairs well with red Japanese Maples and blue native switchgrasses. Stem cuttings are gorgeous in holiday wreaths and centerpieces.

Cupressus_glabra_Limelight.jpg Cupressus-arizonica-glabra-Limelight-main.jpg
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