Cladrastis kentuckea (American Yellowood)

Height: 30-50 feet
Spread: 40-55 feet
Light: Full sun
Soil: Average, well-drained soil.
Description: Yellowwood is a medium growing, deciduous tree of the legume family which features a broad, rounded crown. Pinnately compound leaves (usually with 7-11 leaflets) open as yellowish green, turn bright green in summer, and then turn yellow in fall. Tree may not flower for the first 8-10 years, but once the bloom begins, it can be spectacular. Intensely fragrant, wisteria-like, white flowers in large, drooping, terminal panicles (10-15" long) will virtually cover a mature tree in late spring (profuse bloom in alternate years). Bloom is similar in appearance to that of black locust (Robinia). Flowers give way to flat, brown seed pods (2.5-4" long) which mature in September-October.

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