Cotinus coggygria 'Grace' (Grace Smoke Bush)

Height: 10-15 feet
Spread: 10-15 feet
Light: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained soil.
Description: This cross of the European smoke bush (C. coggygria) and the American smoke tree (C. obovatus) is a gem in the garden thanks to its multi-season interest. Its iridescent spring foliage is green overlaid with red; then its large pink clouds of blooms in summer are followed by brilliant autumn foliage that ranges from red to orange. 'Grace' combines well with just about anything; asters, ornamental grasses, and Japanese maples are good places to start.

grace-smokebush.jpg Continus_Grace.jpg
Photos: (Left) Juan Valentin and (Right) Briggs Plant Propagators
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