Physostegia virginiana 'Miss Manners' (Miss Manners Obedient Plant)

Height: 30 inches (in bloom)
Spread: 12 inches
Light: Sun to part sun
Soil: Average soil
Description: Also known as Obedient plant, which the species plant certainly isn't, at least in terms of its habit of taking over your yard. 'Miss Manners,' on the other hand, gets its name because it does not spread obnoxiously. 3”-5” long dark green leaves have serrated edges. Showy spikes of white, snapdragon-like flowers top plants from June to frost. Useful in the perennial border for its long flowering period and upright habit. It is also known to repeat bloom.

Actually, Obedient plants are so called because each individual flower will, upon being pushed aside, temporarily remain in the new position as if on a hinge.

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