perennial:Allium ‘Millennium’ (Millennium Ornamental Onion)

Height: 1 foot
Spread: 1 foot
Light: Full sun to part shade. Best blooms in sun.
Soil: Average, well-drained garden soil. Does not like wet feet! Very drought tolerant once established.
Description: Herbaceous perennial bulb featuring glossy, deep green foliage. Hailed by Plant Delights’ Tony Avant as “the very best allium we’ve ever met.” Rosy purple globes top the plant in midsummer – right when the garden is in dire need of blooms! Great addition to the mixed perennial bed or border. Looks great poking up among yuccas, echinaceas, grasses – you name it! Can be divided and shared with friends.

Image: State By State Gardening.
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